Yep I did it, I got married.  I actually never thought that I would.  We got married on the 1st of February 2014 – we chose that date because is was a new moon and the first of the month (great for new beginnings) weeeeeeee!!  I have been a bridesmaid at countless weddings of friends and family (27 Dresses style) and although I am a serial monogamist I had never seemed to meet the guy that made my universe sing and who I knew I would want to spend the rest of my life with……until Brett.




We had the most perfect wedding on the beach at the end of our street with a selection of family and friends to join us and we then had the reception in our backyard.  I honestly didn’t expect it to look or turn out so good!  The weather had been terrible in the lead up to the day but somehow we managed to score the only perfect sunny summer day in 2 weeks of rain and wind.




Although it was on a budget, we definitely did not feel that anything was missing from the day and didn’t feel like it was a no frills wedding.  It truly felt like a magical day – not just to us but the guests were also saying that it was magical and the best wedding they had been to and how amazing it all turned out (they weren’t necessarily telling me this directly)- which made me feel very blessed and proud to have had this day.

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