so……I made a human!

I have not been able to blog at all for the past couple of months….i was busy making a baby human and that took a lot of effort. My baby human is a little girl and her name is Lennox.  She was born 6 weeks ago today.  She is superduper crazy awesome and she smells like rainbows and sunshine.

In the last couple of weeks I have been feeling more myself again and less of an emotional and tired boob feeding machine.  I have been able to get out and about and hang out with friends, go swimming at the beach and go for walks and it feels amazing!  I don’t know what I thought I might turn into once I was a mother but I mustn’t have thought that I would actually feel like the same person but bursting with love for my perfect little human and accessory of extreme cuteness.  For some reason I thought I would go from wearing band shirts and crazy sneakers to wearing floral maxi skirts and blouses or something….. strange I know.  Things are obviously very different in life but to me they are just more awesome.  When I got out of hospital the sky was more blue, the ocean air more warm and salty and the sun felt more magical on my skin than I remember.  I felt like I had come out of the rabbit hole and life was now enhanced with intense love, beauty and colour.  I cry at how amazing this little human is and how lucky I am that she chose me as her mum.

Lennox and I

Happy Lennox