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In the last couple of weeks I have been able to do more since giving birth to our gorgeous daughter, and I have been itching to explore the area around where we live and revisit some places I have always loved. This started out very spontaneously on a Sunday arvo when we had been cooped up in the house as we all caught a cold a few days earlier and the house had been nothing but sniffles, coughs, tissues and eucalyptus. I was craving a view from the mountains and I thought it would be a nice idea to find a place that we could sit and have a drink with a view.

My husband had never been up to Eagle Heights Mountain Resort on Mt Tambourine before and I knew that it had a spectacular view from their beer garden so I thought that would be a nice place to go. He got to try a Fat Yak beer off the taps and I got to have a lemonade. If I wasn’t breastfeeding I would totally go for a beer! It was a gorgeous afternoon and the view off the mountain back to the gold coast was just what I needed.

kookaburras at the beer garden

kookaburras at the beer garden

We stayed there until the sun passed down behind the range and the air got a bit cooler – we didn’t want our little girl Lennox to get sick again so we headed home, refreshed and rejuvenated after a mostly snotty weekend.

We loved that little trip so much we decided to do this more often now that I am well and Lennox is such a great little travel companion. So we planned our next weekend and decided to go to Tyalgum via the Numinbah Valley and Natural Arch National Park. My husband had never been to Natural Arch and we both had never visited Tyalgum. We were also keen to go to Chillingham as they have the cutest little corner store/pub and fruit market with the yummiest jams and freshest local produce.

On our way!

On our way!

Many years ago I had a friend who is a National Park Ranger and he lived in the ranger house at Natural Arch (he is now at Longreach) – so this place became like a second home for a while and is so familiar and magical to me. It has a waterfall that goes through the top of a cave that has glow worms and little bats in it. The forest lights up at night with fireflies, glowing mushrooms and the glow worms. There are also the cutest little (some not so little) trapdoor spiders on the banks of the forest walk too as well as many bird and marsupial species.

Numinbah Valley views.

Numinbah Valley views.

Numinbah Valley views

Numinbah Valley views

Anyway, Brett (husband) had never been here so I was keen to make a stop there and go for a walk.

Natural Arch - a waterfall coming through a hole in the top of a cave.  This cave has glow worms and cute little bats in it.

Natural Arch – a waterfall coming through a hole in the top of a cave. This cave has glow worms and cute little bats in it.

After this we headed to Tyalgum as we had heard that it was a pretty little village. The drive to Tyalgum is amazing, I felt like I was in exploring a place so far from home except this is only about an hour away from home, there are rolling hills, mountain peaks and ridges and beautiful valleys with streams. Tyalgum really only a one street town, with a Pub and some craft shops, gallerys, cafes and the school. It was a very windy and cold day so we actually didn’t explore much of the town and there weren’t many people about, but the people we met were very welcoming and friendly and we are keen to go back to visit again.

We followed the road back to Chillingham via Murwillumbah and stopped in the little store I mentioned and bought some yummy Davidson’s Plum Jam and Madamia and Cacao spread (OMG YUM!). We headed home reluctantly and began planning our next family outing.

This week………Brunswick Heads, New South Wales!!!

our little travelling complanion

our little travelling complanion


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