renovating fun!

When we were preparing the nursery for our baby’s arrival we purchased a cheap set of drawers with the view to renovate them.  I had high hopes that it was going to be me doing all the painting and decorating but the bigger I got the more difficult everything was and my talented husband ended up doing a much better job than I would have anyway!  Here is a picture of the drawers when I got them with all the scratches on top and made of horrible black laminate. 

crappy drawers with scratches


We started by sanding it slightly to roughen the laminate and using a brush to put on the primer/semi-gloss white to give it some texture to grip with the laminate.  The primer paint is a great product as it saves you money by not having to purchase two products to complete the project.  It is also has great coverage as you can see from the pic of the first coat.  After the first coat we used a sponge roller for 3 coats (see pic below)

ready for the design to be painted over it

Next we wanted to paint a Totoro design on the drawers.  This is where I had hoped I could do some painting but I was almost due at this stage and so let my husband who is an artist and comic book illustrator to do his stuff. He did a much better job of it than I could ever have!!

Totoro and friends

friends of Totoro

We are so happy with the way it all turned out.  It was a really fun project to do, next we are renovating an old school desk for my niece’s birthday. More to come!!! 🙂


a stranger kissed my baby…. what do I say?

On the weekend I was attending a good friend’s baby shower and had brought along my 12 week old little girl Lennox to meet a few of our mutual friends and old coworkers.   Most of the people I knew and a couple who I didn’t know at all.  During the morning a few of my old friends had a cuddle with Lennox but none of them kissed her, I kind of think it is weird to kiss another person’s baby unless you are related or a very very very close friend to the parents…. anyway, towards the end of the baby shower a woman who I had only been introduced to that day asked if she could have a hold of my baby.  I actually did not want to let her but had absolutely no idea how to go about saying no without offending her and making it all a bit awkward.  After considering it for a few days I still don’t know how to say no to a person I don’t want to hold my baby!

This woman held Lennox for a little while and then kissed her a couple of times on the head!! I was freaked out and felt yuk in the tummy about it and got Lennox back off her.  This woman was also wearing some strong cheap perfume and Lennox reeked of it for 2 days!  AAARGH!!  It would not wash out!! EUGGHH!   Has anyone else had this experience? Does anyone have any advice for me on how to politely say no to people when they want to hold my baby? What do I say!!

beet leaf chips are tastier than kale chips but not as trendy.

The other day I went to the market and stocked up on my veges.  I bought the most beautiful beet and was thinking of ways to use the leaves when I thought….’why can’t I bake them like kale to make chips?’.  So I did and they were yummier than the kale chips I made and held together better also.  When walking through the local supermarket I saw a small packet of kale chips cost almost $8.00!! how is this possible?! Do they use a special type of golden kale? Since kale is a very reasonably priced vegetable (about $2.00 a bunch), how do they justify this?  Aaanyway, it is a very ‘on trend’ vege right now so maybe they are charging for its celebrity status…..hmmm.  I have gone on a bit of a tangent, but yes – as my title says, I liked the beet leaf chips much better and when buying whole (which is also cheap) its like you are getting two veges for the price of one.  It may not have the same hipster following but it is total value for money.  You should try it!

Has anyone else got some good vege ideas to share with me? 🙂