why i am giving up wheat and sugar

I have never really done this before but two days ago I decided that I needed to take a break from wheat and sugar for a while or maybe even permanently and see how my body responds.  My husband said he was keen for the change too.  I never thought we ate a lot of wheat or sugar – I thought that we ate mostly whole foods and veges until I realised these ingredients are actually a big part of our weekly meal plan!  Not to mention our quest for a beer with a view!  It looks like our beer tasting sessions will also stop for a while.  The reason I came to this decision is because I have suffered migraines and bloating ever since I can remember and I had never thought that wheat intolerance was the issue or that I have too much sugar in my diet until recently. I began to look into the symptoms of food intolerances and I pretty much fit the bill.  Things began to get much worse when I was pregnant and it has not been much better – if not worse since I gave birth.

Once I decided this had to change I went through my cupboards to look at how much food we would need to give away, bin, or use up before the change.  We have cous cous, pasta, puff pastry, pizza bases, vegetarian wheat gluten products, bread and breadcrumbs to get rid of.  Wheat and sugar are also in the vege stock cubes I use, the sauces I like and spice mixes I like aswell!! I had to quickly think of alternatives to these items or I was afraid I might back out of the plan.  I realised there is many yummy alternatives to these items and have made a bit of a meal plan to begin our change.  I have also said to myself that I will not be too hard on myself if I slip up here and there, as long as it doesn’t become a habit again.  So I have given away a lot of pasta and bread to a friend and have made wheat and sugar free meals for the last couple of days and things are going pretty well.  I am actually pretty excited about learning some new things to make and today I went shopping and bought some gluten free items to try.

I hope this change helps my tummy and headache problems! I’ll keep you all posted……