I have the urge to purge.

Lately I have been really hating all the stuff in my house!!  I am generally someone who likes to throw out things every month or so, but this has gone to a new level.  At the moment I could quite seriously throw out all I own (except some clothes) and not miss a thing.  I truly believe in the mantra of when you need something the universe provides it.  I don’t know if this feeling may be common among new mothers or its just me, but either way I am on a mission to throw out a lot of stuff!  My lovely husband has already supported me with this and ruthlessly cleaned out the garage of all except his artwork and our bicycles. Last week I was given some clothes by my cousin and this inspired me to donate 2 large garbage bags of clothes to charity.This week my focus has been on our bookshelves.  I have a tonne of old Psychology textbooks from university I don’t want (who needs 3 different Research Methods books?!) and have managed to offload some to an old uni mate and the rest I am donating to my old work for their resources room.  I have also put a couple of music related books up on facebook to give away to the person who wants to pick it up from my house or who will pay me the postage and have already got new owners for them.  I am not interested in getting any money for them (even though some of these books cost about $200) – I just want them all gone!! I have another 2 bags of books for my mother and a friend.  This feels so amazing and my book case is looking much neater and I am feeling satisfied ahaha. Now I am trying to think what else I can get rid of! BE GONE STUFF!! BE GONE!!

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