i have decided i want to write a novel (its crazy i know).

While I lay in bed trying to sleep after a 12am breastfeeding session I wondered what I would write about in my quest to write more.  Strangely I found myself dreaming up a novel.  I have never wanted to write a novel before and I have no idea how, but I kept getting the urge that this is what I should do.  I have no idea how this is going to play out as keep getting flashbacks to primary school when we were asked to write a story…. I was never very good at it and always felt extremely inadequate at writing something that would be interesting to anyone let alone myself!  I just didn’t seem to have the knack that some of the other boys in class had.  They even drew pictures! 🙂  So lets just see how this goes eh. I am gonna give it a go and even if it sucks I would like to finish it.  wish me luck!!

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