no coffee = migraine

I only have one espresso daily and lately I have been feeling like having a break and clearing my system of caffeine. So I didnt have a coffee in the morning as usual and by mid afternoon I had the beginnings of a migraine, by evening it was full blown and no painkillers could kill it.  

I still had the headache the next day and I ended up having a coffee to get rid of it.  How am I supposed to stop drinking it without getting a migraine?!! 


2 thoughts on “no coffee = migraine

  1. You either thin it out and drink less, over a few days, or you go could turkey, hang in there and the headache will eventually go away… Make sure you drink a lot, a LOT of water if you go cold turkey…

    • yeah, for the last few days i made weak iced coffees and today i didnt have any, i began to get a headache but had two paracetamol and it went. i could never have gone cold turkey and managed a toddler!! thanks Anne 🙂 i have been drinking lots of water!!

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