the studio will take longer to build than we thought.

I think my stepdad was extremely optimistic about how long this will take to get built and I have resigned myself to the fact that we probably will be living in their house for another 6 months.  It has taken me a few weeks to stomach this but in comparison to renting in suburbia the positives of this situation far outway the negatives.  However, I packed our stuff into storage and only brought what I thought we would need for a couple of months and now the seasons are changing and Lennox is growing and I am shrinking (losing weight) so we are going to have to dig into the storage shed and fish out the rest of our clothes and blankets etc.  We are also going on a holiday to the snow and south coast in August so we need our cold cold weather gear.  Sooooo excited about our holiday!! Another positive of living here – we can afford a holiday and still have plenty saved for our house deposit.