i am giving the “no poo” a try

I have decided that my hair needs some sort of therapy.  Ever since we moved I have been getting a really itchy scalp and it has not improved when I have tried different remedies.  I thought, since I already have sensitive skin, that maybe I need to be gentler to my scalp and hair and try the au naturale approach 🙂  The other reasons that I need to try something for my hair is that it has lost its curl and is getting knottier than ever.  All my life I have had curly/wavy hair and it has never gotten too knotty even though I am swimming in the ocean a lot but now it is completely different and it is dry and knotty and lost its curl. 😦

So anyway I am gonna give this a go.  I am hoping no shampoo will help my natural oils in my hair to come back and bring my curls back and stop my hair being so dry and itchy.  I have tried to do this before but was not so determined and now that it is coming into winter I think I will find it easier to do.  It has been a week since I washed it last and last night I just did a warm water rinse and it is starting to feel more oily.  Thankfully it doesn’t smell bad!  Anyone out there had some good experiences of going no poo? I am keen to hear some stories from people with similar hair problems.


4 thoughts on “i am giving the “no poo” a try

  1. Hiya. I have a dry itchy sensitive scalp. The itching and a lot of hair fall was why I went no poo. But just water only would not work for me. I have put some recipes I use on my blog but am always on the look out for more

    • it went really well in winter but i find it difficult to maintain in summer because we are swimming so much. i have to condition my hair after being in the ocean or i get dreads! i also struggled to brush it everyday as i am a once every week brushing person ahahah other than that i will probably do it again in winter but might try the apple cider vinegar and bicarb options for cleaning and the coconut oil for conditioner

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