Yesterday I had a baby shower to go to and these days I have quite a bit of stuff to prepare for leaving the house with Lennox (who is 11 months now) so I usually make no effort to doll myself up.  Its not that I don’t want to but rather that I don’t even think about it and usually end up checking myself in the car mirror and realising I didn’t even wash my face before I left.  So I tend to carry some mini make-up supplies like a BB cream with sunscreen and lip gloss in my bag to help me feel a little bit pretty and look less dull and sleepy.  But yesterday I wanted to make more of an effort as it was my besties baby shower and I wanted to look nice.  I thought I would write about it as I was quite proud of my five minute effort and I thought maybe some of you out there may benefit from my tips and maybe you have some to add!

I never really put on much make up when I do actually get the time to do it but the little bit I put on looks like heaps to me as I very rarely put anything on.  I had indulged myself a couple of weeks ago and painted my toes and finger nails but now my finger nails were all chipped from the endless handwashing and cleaning the house and I don’t have any nail polish remover to get it off.  I devised that no-one would be able to tell if I put another coat over my chipped polish so firstly I cut my nails shorter and then put a single coat over the top – focusing more polish on the the tips and VOILA! fresh painted nails looked awesome again ahaha.

I washed my face and put on my foundation cream while my face was still dewy and this totally works a treat to make your face look fresh without looking like it has any makeup on it, I put some illuminiser on the top of my cheekbones and top of my eye lids to help make me look bright and put on some mascara on my top eyelashes only.  I also penciled in my eyebrows as mine are so light you can’t see em.  All of this took about 5 mins and I felt great for putting in a bit of time.  It has been a while since I felt pretty or freshened up but I realised that I really need to put in more time thinking of myself.

As for my hair…. It has been 3 weeks and I still haven’t washed my hair with anything but water and it is looking great!  I even had comments from women at the baby shower that my hair looked lovely and I told them it was because I didn’t wash it anymore!  So far so good 🙂  I wish I had taken a before and after picture….. but I didn’t have time!


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