it’s been so long!

hey wordpress peeps! I have missed you immensely.  I have not been able to access wordpress to write or even view what is happening due to my outdated technology.  My macbook is ancient and it doesn’t show any of the images and the formatting is all over the place (i have no idea how to fix this so if anyone knows please tell me!) and my iphone 4 app just doesnt open at all anymore :(. I love my old stuff but I am unable to do much so I am currently using my husband’s microsoft surface.

So much has happened in almost a year but I don’t know where to start, but I can tell you that we are still not living in the studio that we were meant to be in a year ago….. It is still not built and it is so frustrating as we are still living in the house with my mother and stepdad! Living with mum is fine but my step dad is driving me nuts.  Not having our own space is driving us crazy the most and not living where we love -at the beach.  Living in the country means a lot of driving to get anywhere and I am really starting to hate driving.  Geez listen to me whinge! Obviously I am finding it difficult to cope at the moment but writing about it helps.  We are super grateful to my parents of this opportunity to save money and buy our own place back at the beach -which will be soon I am happy to say.  It might not be our dream place but it is a foot in the door and a beginning 🙂 … It is very exciting!

This stay at mums has has taught me a lot about myself and given me a lot of time to think and plan and implement how I would like to live and given us great freedom financially to be able to have a family holiday (last winter we went to the snow).  Lennox (our daughter) has learnt a lot too, she helps us in the vege garden, and loves bushwalks, she loves to paint and draw and she loves her time with her Nanna, she goes to swimming lessons and she got to go tabogganing in the snow.

All in all, life is good.  I hope to write more and read about what everyone has been up to lately now that I am online again😍 HAPPY NEW YEAR


6 thoughts on “it’s been so long!

    • Aww thanks! she is so awesome, and loves the water. Yes you guys have had a tough gig for a little while, I hope you achieve all of your dreams and goals for 2016. I have very similar goals. I will stay tuned and enjoy reading all about it! 🌅

      • Thank you!! We will, I just know it. Yours has been stressful too! Hey, we do what we have to do when we have little ones!! Lol. Can’t wait to see what your next blog will be about, and yes- your daughter is awesome.

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