tomorrow…i am cutting my long hair into a short bob.

That is the plan anyway, I am not sure if I will chicken out of it or not.  I haven’t had short hair since I was growing out my hair after cutting my dreadlocks off about 15 years ago.  I am so excited about it I might not sleep!  There are so many reasons that I am considering this, firstly I really need a big change with how I look – I really feel that my long hair is dated and does not suit me at the moment and I am always wearing it up anyway (mumlife).  Other reasons is that I would like to grow out my natural colour and that is easier if it is shorter; it is cheaper to maintain when shorter and I might get less headaches and neck pain too which would be a bonus.  I am hoping a fresh new doo will give me the boost I need right now.  Geez I hope I like it cos it will be a long time growing it out!

This is my hair right now….. excuse how terrible the selfie is please!


and this is kinda the length I am considering….



aaaanyway….lets hope I can look as good as them when I am done, I’ll post a photo – unless I totally hate and regret it! eeeeek 🙈

8 thoughts on “tomorrow…i am cutting my long hair into a short bob.

  1. Good luck!!! It’s hard making such a big change but might be worth it. I actually had in mind the second picture you posted. A bit flicked out on the ends.
    I’m interested to see how it goes to imagine how Scar’s would go shorter.
    Are you donating your hair?

  2. Brave woman!! Mine is really long too and has been…well…FOREVER!!! I cut it off one time and one time only. Said I would never do it again. But lately I have been secretly thinking about it. I always have it pulled up and just dont do anything with it. I cant wait to see the new you!

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