Yep, I cut my long long hair to a short short bob.  newhair

and I don’t regret it at all,  I LOVE IT!!!!!newhair2

i am so totally happy with my decision to this and I have had the most wonderful response from friends and family.  My long hair was such a part of my identity to everyone including myself that I guess it was a pretty big deal for me to cut it off but I was so ready to have a fresh view of myself and feel free again.  I really felt tied to an older version of me because of how long it takes to grow hair that long and the fear of ‘what if I hate it’!  My hairdresser had to sit down and listen to my reasons before she felt comfortable to do it as she has known me for years and didn’t want me to regret it, but once she knew I had thought it out she was all for it. I totally recommend it to anyone who feels the same and wants and needs the change.  Do some hair research for the style you want and think of plenty of reasons that it is a good idea and GO FOR IT!!!💙💛❤


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