valentines day sucked

I hope everyone had a better day than me for valentines day, mine was awful and I am just so exhausted by it.  It didn’t really matter that it was Valentines day, it was just a crap day.  My husband and I argued all day.  We have been arguing a lot in the last couple of months and this environment is really taking its toll on us.  This is really getting me down and I have really lost a lot of motivation and don’t want to do anything except sleep the day away – although I am not sleeping well at all lately.  I can’t spend the day doing that though as I have my precious little toddler keeping me up and at em 😍.   Hopefully things improve between us and he stops being so irritable at me,  I hope our relationship gets stronger when the going gets tough and doesn’t fall apart.  💔

4 thoughts on “valentines day sucked

  1. I am so sorry that your Valentines Day was not good. Do you think that maybe you can have a “do-over”? Maybe let the parents keep the baby and you and hubby go get a hotel room and just get away for the night? It would do you both good. Even if it is a cheap hotel. Hugs being sent to you!!

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