i gotta get my sh*t together! 

for the last little while….(or for quite possibly my whole life) I have felt like I have no idea who I am or where I am going and what I am doing. I think the same repetitive thoughts about myself and my life but get no where.  I repeat the same mistakes over and over again but I also know all the right ways to get on top of things and turn my life around.  So I do those things and feel like my life is totally heading in the right direction and that I am ‘winning’ and then somehow I fall off and I am back in the hating on myself train.  This is wearing me out and I want to be more on the positive train rather than the hate one.   If anyone has some tips or a similar story to share I would love to hear it. 

So for now I am starting back on the positive line and I am determined to stay on that train for as long as humanly and hormonally possible. 🖖🏻


11 thoughts on “i gotta get my sh*t together! 

  1. I know exactly what you mean. It feels like everything is going well one day and then the next I’m making stupid mistakes, can’t concentrate, don’t seem to know what I’m doing, not getting anywhere.

    Last week started at the top of my game – I walk into a room full of people and I’m owning it. Everyone is in that room because of things I set in motion. They are learning new skills so they can support me. But the week ends with feeling run down, sick, can’t eat food again and being run down and criticised for my inability to manage an unmanageable person.

    I think it’s just swings and roundabouts- an emotional roller coaster. Lack of ‘Flow’ doesn’t help.

  2. I’m nearly at the end of this current downward spiral (I hope) and I can feel myself starting to think about what I need to do to pick myself up and put myself back together. You’re definitely not alone in this ❤️

  3. Stay with it. One bad choice doesn’t demand another. Life is wonderful. There are times when you have to look for the wonderful parts, but with practice you come to expect them and after awhile that’s all you see.

  4. Came here from Minimalist sometime.
    I go thru this. I have bi-polar, major depressions, and a whacked up thyroid. Has your thyroid been checked? I have more brain fog, and depression when I don’t eat right also. Right after Christmas, back to my GF sugar free- feels so much better way of eating!!

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