I am someone who loves a new year, I love starting things fresh and in life things can get so filthy, murky and confusing that you can’t tell which way is up, so the new year is like a swim in crystal clear lagoon for me. I always feel optimistic and ambitious and pumped to start this fresh sparkly new year with my best foot forward. 

This year is really no different however I have experienced a few firsts this new years so my new year feels a little more fresh.  This was our first new year in our own little home and we have such great plans for this year and our home.  We would like to build a patio cover off the back, do some more painting and maybe even get the front fenced! I would also like to upgrade the aircon as the one we have is ancient!! 

For me personally it is a first (in about 20years) for me to join a gym. Yep I know, so many people have ‘get fit’ as their new years resolution but I actually joined last year but the new program starts this year and I am super keen to be a part of it.  A huge goal of mine is to fit in the clothes that I used to wear before I became pregnant.  I thought after doing some personal training and fitness programs, that I had an ok level of fitness but I am so much more unfit than I thought! It takes me about 5 days to get over an intense workout!! The first day after I can barely move hahahah but it is definitely working and I love the time I get to myself. šŸ˜

Another main goal is to get ahead more financially but also save for our holidays and as rainy day insurance. I hope to work on my business ideas more and quit one of my jobs.  I have a mid-term goal to live overseas with the family for about a year or more – in about 4 or 5 years, so I would like to get working on an income stream that can be taken anywhere.  

So these are my main goals for the year, lets see how I go hey! Do you have any goals for the year? ā˜®ļø


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