new year starts with a declutter

Further to my last post about my main goals for the year, I have a goal to declutter intensively this year – to a near minimalistic degree. I just want to live fully and simply and I know I dont need stuff to do that.  In fact I generally feel better and fresher and lighter with less stuff. 

The New Year started with 7 bags of mostly clothes, fabric, and lots of books going to charity and I have started again and have two more bags full.  I would love to throw more out but it really takes time to go through things with a toddler destroying your hard work! But bit by bit I keep pruning back our stuff.  It feels so good!! 

I like the idea that cleaning out disused things makes way for other good things to come into your life and I am all about that! Do you believe in that too? Who else feels amazing when throwing out stuff? Or am I just weird like that? hahaha ā˜®ļø


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