I am a girl who believes YOU CAN have it all.  I hate it when people resignedly say “oh well, you can’t have it all”….i say you can!  I don’t have a lot of money or a lot of stuff but I definitely have all I need and want in life.  A lot of this is attributed to a positive attitude and my beliefs which leads to how I spend my money and time.

This blog got started because I wanted to share my tips and tricks to having it all. I also just wanted a place to share my thoughts, dreams and life with people. I am certainly not telling you what to do :)…..

I have toured with punk bands and released records, I have assisted with putting on large music festivals, managed tattoo and piercing shops, pierced hundreds (possibly thousands) of people and always lived the life that I wanted.  I have never let society or anyone else’s beliefs about how life is to be lived determine my own life and that is how I believe everyone should be living.

I have managed to travel halfway around the world, go skiing, snowboarding, surfing, hiking, snorkelling in many exotic locations although I earn a lot less than my peers due to my lifestyle choices.

I have a degree in Psychology and am halfway through a Masters in Counselling, I have spent many years assisting people who experience mental illness and disability to achieve the life they want to live often with the opposition of the people who love and care for them and the mainstream disability/mental illness health industry.

YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL and its not difficult!  Your life just gets easier and you get happier and everyone around you will be influenced by your happiness.  I am a big believer in what you put out there you get back (and then some) so everything that you give and receive is for the good of all.

Just don’t tell me what to do!!


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7 Days of Frugal Family Recipes: Day 3

Saving money for holidays and other fun things can be so hard especially when on mainly one income but I find that if you don’t waste your money on unnecessary purchases and meal plan then it is pretty amazing how much you can save!

I make this meal usually at the end of our week before the shopping gets done and I just tend to use what veges are left over in the fridge so nothing goes to waste.  It is definitely my favourite dish at the moment and is so great for you too 🙂  Some may think it is weird to have roast veges on noodles but it is actually amazing. Of course you could have it with rice, cous cous or quinoa but it isn’t as yummy as noodles! If you have parsnips in season you can make a parsnip gravy to pour over (roasted parsnips blended to a creamy consistency with a bit of vege stock)

Balsamic Roast Tofu and Veges on Rice Noodles (V,GF)


  1. 250g firm tofu
  2. 1 zucchini
  3. 1 small capsicum (bell pepper)
  4. half a small butternut pumpkin (squash)
  5. 1 large onion
  6. 1 carrot
  7. add any other ingredients like broccoli, cauliflower or kale
  8. half a bulb of garlic separated with skins still on
  9. olive oil to coat veges
  10. balsamic vinegar
  11. 1 packet of rice stick noodles
  12. tamari
  13. salt and pepper


Preheat oven to 200 degrees celsius and chop all the veges and tofu into similar size chunks (about 2cm cubes) and put them all into a large baking tray sprinkle with olive oil (or oil of choice) and salt and also splash over some balsamic vinegar.  Mix all of this through with your hands to coat all of the veges and tofu and put in oven to bake for approximately  30 minutes. While this is in the oven, put on a large pot of water on high and bring to boil for rice noodles and cook but do not over cook or they turn to mush. Pretty much cook them like pasta – you want them to still be a bit firm but not tough.

Drain rice noodles and serve with a dash of tamari over it to soak in the noodles and then pile the roasted veges and tofu on top. Sprinkle with black pepper (if you made parsnip gravy – pour that on).  You can thank me later hahaha … ENJOY!

Peace and Love,


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