I am a girl who believes YOU CAN have it all.  I hate it when people resignedly say “oh well, you can’t have it all”….i say you can!  I don’t have a lot of money or a lot of stuff but I definitely have all I need and want in life.  A lot of this is attributed to a positive attitude and my beliefs which leads to how I spend my money and time.

I also just wanted a place to share my thoughts, dreams and life with people. I am certainly not telling you what to do :)…..

I have toured with punk bands and released records, I have assisted with putting on large music festivals, managed tattoo and piercing shops, pierced hundreds (possibly thousands) of people and always lived the life that I wanted.  I have never let society or anyone else’s beliefs about how life is to be lived determine my own life and I totally recommend it!

We own our own little house by the ocean with minimal debt and are what most people would call minimalists.  I have managed to travel halfway around the world (so many other places I wanna see) go skiing, snowboarding, surfing, hiking, snorkelling in many exotic locations although we earn a lot less than our peers due to our lifestyle choices.

I have a degree in Psychology and am halfway through a Masters in Counselling, I have spent many years assisting people who experience mental illness and disability to achieve the life they want to live often with the opposition of the people who love and care for them and the mainstream disability/mental illness health industry.

YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL and its not difficult- it’s purely a mindset shift that will change your life in seconds.  Your life just gets easier and you get happier and everyone around you will be influenced by your happiness.  I am a big believer in what you put out there you get back times three, so everything that you give and receive is for the good of all.

I may not like being told what to do, or place labels and judgements on myself and others but I love learning and evolving by sharing information and experiences with others so I totally welcome everyone to hop on for a chat with me. x


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sunday driving

We went for a drive into the hinterland and down south today.  We used to do these drives all the time when we lived with Mum but we haven’t since we moved to our own place.  This was partly because funds have been a little bit tighter but also because we don’t have the intense desire to get out of here like we did at Mum’s hahahah.  We just love where we live so much! 

Just over the border into New South Wales

I am itching to travel and our winter snow holiday is 6 months away so I thought we could all do with a mini adventure day drive to some of our favourite places.  It will give us that taste of travel without spending much money and it is something we can all do (pup included) without too much preparation or organisation.  I love feeling like a tourist in our area.  It makes you see the place so differently and helps you enjoy it so much more.  I also love seeing it through Lennox’s eyes.  She loves going on adventures and so does out dog Kaida. 

Kaida loves to travel too!


The only thing is I want the house clean for when I get back!  I hate walking away from a filthy house to have a great day only to have to come back to it all at the end of the day.  It is just something I have to do.  So before I go today I am doing the dishes, will sweep the floor and hang out the washing so when I come home it is all fresh and ready to make dinner and cosy up at home in fresh sheets ready for our start to the week. It doesn’t take long to do but it feels so good to come home to! 

Knox Park, Murwillumbah

It is so important to have good places for breaks on road trips – no matter how long the drive is.  As a mum I have found this so much more important than I did before having a child.  There are so many reasons a good place to break is important but one that has a play area, toilet and shade/shelter is a must. Even if the play area is just a creek, fountain or garden with some grass is fine, as long as it is off the road a bit so you don’t have to worry that your lil one will run off into cars. 

a monument to the original lumberjacks of the area.

When going on longer road trips it is so awesome to have good places to stop and recharge or have somewhere comfortable and pretty to make and eat food and for our little girl to run off some of the energy that gets built up by sitting in the car for hours.   Today we stopped in Knox Park Murwillumbah NSW.  We have never stopped there before but we will definitely stop there again as it was huge and the gardens were beautiful, it had a huge shaded playground as well as heaps of green space and also this cool lily pond with a duck and ibis island!  We had a great little picinic under a tree near the lake – even though there are tables and chairs I like sitting on a blanket under a tree.  

lily from the pond

We drove down through to Pottsville, we were planning on going further on but then saw this spot at the creek and had to stop.  We spent all afternoon here, it was magic.  We so needed a day like this and it didn’t cost us anything but $20 petrol.  I took food and water and we just had fun! 

Pottsville, New South Wales

a massive friend we met today in the creek. glad we just met the one!

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