things are looking up 🌞

My last couple of posts have been a bit negative nancy so I thought I should focus on and write about the great things that have happened lately.  Firstly, my husband and I have made a deadline for when we get outta here (my mum’s).  Its in 3 months – end of May-  as long as all goes well with getting a loan and finding the right place.  We decided that a deadline is what we needed to keep ourselves sane enough to continue being here and it allow us to plan and knuckle down to save enough for our new place.  Our relationship has definitely benefited from this and we are doing well.

Secondly, I sold a dreamcatcher I made on etsy!! It is my first sale and I am so excited and motivated by this.  It has spurred me on to make more pretties and work harder at getting new things into my shop more often.  Today I went and bought a few more hoops to make more dreamers as I didn’t have any to make new ones.  Here is a pic of my packaged and ready to send dreamcatcher.

first sale

I added a handful of little crystals and a shell and silver mermaid to the package for something a little extra to say thankyou to the buyer.  I really hope she loves it, I put so much love into these and it is always scary to put yourself out there and be open to judgement.

Thirdly, and very excitingly, we traded in Brett’s mazda and bought a new(ish) car!!! It’s a 2012 Toyota RAV4 and it is in immaculate condition and very very low kms for its age and has 3 year warranty as well as lots of other little perks.  We are so happy about it and it is going to be perfect for all of the driving that we do and for going to the snow.  I am totally in love with it and so is Brett.  It also has enough room for another bub if we are lucky enough to be blessed again.  We decided to do this as the mazda was needing quite a bit of work and was getting quite old and had done over 300000kms. It kind of ends up cheaper for us just to buy this and spend only $80 a week on the repayments rather than spend thousands trying to fix up the mazda.  Anyway, here it is…..

new car

thanks for reading…. I will probably be posting pics of all our little trips in this baby from now on! hahahah ✌


wow,that was a bad day.

I should have stayed home, I even said to my mum that I didn’t want to go anywhere today but I did because today is swimming lesson day for Lennox.  So I leave the house and drive to swimming, I had trouble getting a park near the pool thanks to council works so I parked much further away.  I was not feeling very good so I thought I would pick up a coffee on the way.  Lennox was a bit whingey and I was trying to get her and her swimming bag out of the car and I locked my bag containing my car keys, wallet and phone in the car.  My head was just not right today.  So anyway, after some attempts to break into my own car by myself and some lovely strangers, I decided I would have to join up for roadside assistance $180!! and get them to come and open my car as I had no choice 😭. I did get to have that coffee though we didn’t make it to swimming unfortunately.

It is also my mum’s birthday today and my husband’s on saturday, so I wanted to pick up a nice present for them today…. I chose an expensive perfume for my mum and asked to have it gift wrapped – it looked really nice. I gave it to mum and she opened it, and it wasn’t the perfume I chose at all!!! Now I have to go back and try and get an exchange even though it has been opened.  OMG I should have stayed home. 🎻

what i did while wordpress was outta my life

When I couldn’t access wordpress and I was going stir crazy with nothing to do with my limited free time and I needed a creative outlet, I made stuff and started an etsy store 💰 called Mermaid Militia .  I need to put more time into setting up my store and I have given gifts of most of the things I make, but I hope to make a bit of cash on the side to help with our savings.  Mostly I just really enjoy the meditation of tuning in and being creative.  Here is some photos of stuff I have made 😏


orangedreamerI have had great feedback from what I have made but am yet to make a sale hahaha anyway, it’s fun.  Now I have to go and make dinner🌈✌

i don’t care how broke i am, i am booking a holiday!

Ok, so we have lots of car repair bills and we have a house to save for, but I decided to book our winter holiday to the snow in 6 months anyway!  This way we have to make it happen.  Thanks to we don’t have to pay for it all today, but it is all booked and we can start budgeting for it.  I am so bloody excited as I was thinking we were going to miss out this year but I am determined to make it happen and now I have put it out there the universe will help us get there 😀.


This is the boost we needed, we have been getting a bit depressed with our predicament and our relationship is really being tested here, but I know we can do this and it will all be worth it when we move in to our own place.  We have also booked 3nights away at Byron Bay for our 2 year wedding anniversary, We don’t get any privacy here so it will be so nice to have our own space for a little while.


not quite fixed yet…

So yesterday I put the car in to be fixed, I got 2 new CV joints in the front and a service and a replacement door handle for the drivers side and I had him look into the thermal fan as it doesn’t work when the air con is off so it overheats.  Good news is most things got done, bad news is it cost $1042 and I have to take it to an auto-electrician as the fan problem is still not fixed and I also need new front tyres so need to get it to the tyre shop. OMG IT IS NEVERENDING!!!! So there goes even more savings waaaaaaaaaaaa 😭


Yep, I cut my long long hair to a short short bob.  newhair

and I don’t regret it at all,  I LOVE IT!!!!!newhair2

i am so totally happy with my decision to this and I have had the most wonderful response from friends and family.  My long hair was such a part of my identity to everyone including myself that I guess it was a pretty big deal for me to cut it off but I was so ready to have a fresh view of myself and feel free again.  I really felt tied to an older version of me because of how long it takes to grow hair that long and the fear of ‘what if I hate it’!  My hairdresser had to sit down and listen to my reasons before she felt comfortable to do it as she has known me for years and didn’t want me to regret it, but once she knew I had thought it out she was all for it. I totally recommend it to anyone who feels the same and wants and needs the change.  Do some hair research for the style you want and think of plenty of reasons that it is a good idea and GO FOR IT!!!💙💛❤

tomorrow…i am cutting my long hair into a short bob.

That is the plan anyway, I am not sure if I will chicken out of it or not.  I haven’t had short hair since I was growing out my hair after cutting my dreadlocks off about 15 years ago.  I am so excited about it I might not sleep!  There are so many reasons that I am considering this, firstly I really need a big change with how I look – I really feel that my long hair is dated and does not suit me at the moment and I am always wearing it up anyway (mumlife).  Other reasons is that I would like to grow out my natural colour and that is easier if it is shorter; it is cheaper to maintain when shorter and I might get less headaches and neck pain too which would be a bonus.  I am hoping a fresh new doo will give me the boost I need right now.  Geez I hope I like it cos it will be a long time growing it out!

This is my hair right now….. excuse how terrible the selfie is please!


and this is kinda the length I am considering….



aaaanyway….lets hope I can look as good as them when I am done, I’ll post a photo – unless I totally hate and regret it! eeeeek 🙈