H O M E and H E A L T H

In my last post I mentioned our plan for buying a place of our own in May to save our sanity.  I chose to wait three more months instead of buying right away as we needed the extra savings to have 10% house deposit and so we could also have a great savings history and sort out some other things like desexing our dog.  We have been looking at different units and townhouses in the areas we like so we are more educated in what a good price is as well as what we want for our first place and what we are willing to compromise on.

At the start of this month I viewed a unit(condo) in Mermaid Beach that I could really see us being happy in, so we ended up making an appointment with the broker earlier than planned.  Since then, we have been in regular contact with the broker and the real estate agent as there have been several issues and setbacks towards getting pre-approval for a home loan.  Luckily the unit(condo) is still available but we might miss it as we are waiting for paperwork to come through for us.  Even if we miss this unit, I trust that the right one will show up for us, I am just really glad that we have begun this process as it takes way longer than I thought it would!  So if anyone out there is in the same stage and hasn’t talked to a broker about pre-approval yet and all the documentation you need, then I would get on to it!! We had talked to a broker earlier on but more as an enquiry into what deposits we would need and what our price range would be but apparently some bank criteria has changed and loans are harder to come by at the moment.  So many people that I have talked to have said that it seems so hard to get through the pre-approval process.

I have been keeping up with our 52 week savings game so we have cash for Xmas and also saving $100 a week for our snow trip in August as well as saving for our house.  I do have to go out today and buy our little girl some warm onsies for winter this year.  She is rapidly outgrowing all her clothes, so I have to get a few onesies, tights and singlets.  She kicks off all blankets so I don’t bother with them anymore so I have to make sure she is warm enough without them while she sleeps.  The onesies are also great under her snowsuit.  Our new car is still awesome too, and I am looking forward to driving down south to the snow in it!

In other news, I have been suffering from daily migraines for months, and it seemed to be getting worse.  I had an intuitive thought recently that giving up dairy may help and looking into it, dairy is a food that causes inflammation and all sorts of issues for a lot of people let alone the problems it causes the cows 😩….I do prefer a vegan life and I have always felt great when vegan – I had taken to drinking a lot of cows milk when pregnant and had kept this up during breastfeeding as I would crave it.  Anyway, I thought it was worth a try so gave it a go.  I seemed to go through a full on dairy detox and I had stomach problems and bad headaches for the first 6 days but am now feeling the best I have in a very very long time and I lost 1.5kilograms in that week!

My husband is also doing well without gluten in his diet and has had more energy and lost weight because of the change.  I also like gluten free eating although I am not as strict on this for me and our baby.  I definitely notice the difference but geez gluten free and vegan products really empty the wallet!  Although I have found that if you stick to mostly to wholefoods then it isn’t so expensive.  Hopefully when we are finally in our own kitchen I can try making some gf breads too!

I am so looking forward to having our own space again.  I belong at the beach and living away from parents!  Yesterday Lennox and I had the day to ourselves at home.  It has been ages since we got to do that and I had forgotten how important that time is to me and for her.  I loved it.  It will be so awesome to be back at our beach every day and spending time together.

I hope you all have a safe holiday season 🌞





i don’t care how broke i am, i am booking a holiday!

Ok, so we have lots of car repair bills and we have a house to save for, but I decided to book our winter holiday to the snow in 6 months anyway!  This way we have to make it happen.  Thanks to booking.com we don’t have to pay for it all today, but it is all booked and we can start budgeting for it.  I am so bloody excited as I was thinking we were going to miss out this year but I am determined to make it happen and now I have put it out there the universe will help us get there 😀.


This is the boost we needed, we have been getting a bit depressed with our predicament and our relationship is really being tested here, but I know we can do this and it will all be worth it when we move in to our own place.  We have also booked 3nights away at Byron Bay for our 2 year wedding anniversary, We don’t get any privacy here so it will be so nice to have our own space for a little while.


saving spending saving!!!

At the moment we are still stuck living with my mum and stepdad and all I can think of is how to save more money.   We will hopefully be meeting with a mortgage broker in the next couple of weeks to get pre-approval for a home loan so we will know exactly what we are working with but in the meantime I have a list of things that I need to spend money on.  My car needs the CV joint fixed and a tune as well as a drivers side door handle.  This little visit will cost me close to $1000 no doubt 😒.  I have put it off for a while but I use my car a lot (especially living at mum’s) so it has to be done before it gets even worse.  Next is my husband’s car- the air conditioning compressor needs replacing which will cost us about $1500! We have put this off for ages but it is so hot in the car that Lennox is wet with sweat even with the windows down so we end up driving my car more which is why the problems with my car became so urgent.  We need to get his fixed so I can drive less as it aggravates my neck problems…..it’s like a domino effect! Then there is car rego to pay for both cars which is about $1500 for a year. Oh my god so just when you think you are getting more savings you gotta go and spend it all on these un-fun things!!

Sooooo anyway, all this has made me think in even more frugal ways and I haven’t done a full shop in the supermarket for 3 weeks now just so I can save more and get creative with using what we have.  I have saved an extra $150 from doing this and we certainly haven’t been starving!  I have to say I do enjoy this kind of challenge.  I have only bought eggs, bread, milk, cheese and fruit for Lennox and I have been using the veges (fresh and frozen) that we had left – just being  more frugal with how much I use and using more of the staple items in the pantry.  I have cut out the prepackaged baby snack foods and I am baking more healthy yummy treats that we can all eat.  Today I made a very basic cinnamon slice.  I usually add apples or bananas to this but I didn’t have any to spare.  I just dust some icing sugar on to finish this off.  It is really yummy, gluten free and goes great with a coffee for me 😋.


this is my basic cinnamon slice

I also made some quinoa ‘meat’balls (quinoa flakes, gf breadcrumbs, cheese, eggs, broccoli and herbs) and will be putting them in our pasta dinner tonight and mini protein pancakes for snacks for Lennox -she loves them and there is nothing bad in them, just 2 eggs, 2 bananas and half cup of oats – I blend the mixture and let it sit in the fridge for a few hours, then thin it out with some milk or water so it goes further and makes more! She must be having a growth spurt as she is eating constantly this week and is always saying ‘more’!

I have also just discovered the 52week savings plan, I can’t believe I have never heard of this before but now that I have, I want to make this a habit for life and teach this to Lennox.  So on top of our normal savings plans for house, holidays and the unexpected, we will be doing this and hopefully have a little cash nest egg for the end of the year with all of the festivities!  Thanks for reading through my babble!!😝

it’s been so long!

hey wordpress peeps! I have missed you immensely.  I have not been able to access wordpress to write or even view what is happening due to my outdated technology.  My macbook is ancient and it doesn’t show any of the images and the formatting is all over the place (i have no idea how to fix this so if anyone knows please tell me!) and my iphone 4 app just doesnt open at all anymore :(. I love my old stuff but I am unable to do much so I am currently using my husband’s microsoft surface.

So much has happened in almost a year but I don’t know where to start, but I can tell you that we are still not living in the studio that we were meant to be in a year ago….. It is still not built and it is so frustrating as we are still living in the house with my mother and stepdad! Living with mum is fine but my step dad is driving me nuts.  Not having our own space is driving us crazy the most and not living where we love -at the beach.  Living in the country means a lot of driving to get anywhere and I am really starting to hate driving.  Geez listen to me whinge! Obviously I am finding it difficult to cope at the moment but writing about it helps.  We are super grateful to my parents of this opportunity to save money and buy our own place back at the beach -which will be soon I am happy to say.  It might not be our dream place but it is a foot in the door and a beginning 🙂 … It is very exciting!

This stay at mums has has taught me a lot about myself and given me a lot of time to think and plan and implement how I would like to live and given us great freedom financially to be able to have a family holiday (last winter we went to the snow).  Lennox (our daughter) has learnt a lot too, she helps us in the vege garden, and loves bushwalks, she loves to paint and draw and she loves her time with her Nanna, she goes to swimming lessons and she got to go tabogganing in the snow.

All in all, life is good.  I hope to write more and read about what everyone has been up to lately now that I am online again😍 HAPPY NEW YEAR


Yesterday I had a baby shower to go to and these days I have quite a bit of stuff to prepare for leaving the house with Lennox (who is 11 months now) so I usually make no effort to doll myself up.  Its not that I don’t want to but rather that I don’t even think about it and usually end up checking myself in the car mirror and realising I didn’t even wash my face before I left.  So I tend to carry some mini make-up supplies like a BB cream with sunscreen and lip gloss in my bag to help me feel a little bit pretty and look less dull and sleepy.  But yesterday I wanted to make more of an effort as it was my besties baby shower and I wanted to look nice.  I thought I would write about it as I was quite proud of my five minute effort and I thought maybe some of you out there may benefit from my tips and maybe you have some to add!

I never really put on much make up when I do actually get the time to do it but the little bit I put on looks like heaps to me as I very rarely put anything on.  I had indulged myself a couple of weeks ago and painted my toes and finger nails but now my finger nails were all chipped from the endless handwashing and cleaning the house and I don’t have any nail polish remover to get it off.  I devised that no-one would be able to tell if I put another coat over my chipped polish so firstly I cut my nails shorter and then put a single coat over the top – focusing more polish on the the tips and VOILA! fresh painted nails looked awesome again ahaha.

I washed my face and put on my foundation cream while my face was still dewy and this totally works a treat to make your face look fresh without looking like it has any makeup on it, I put some illuminiser on the top of my cheekbones and top of my eye lids to help make me look bright and put on some mascara on my top eyelashes only.  I also penciled in my eyebrows as mine are so light you can’t see em.  All of this took about 5 mins and I felt great for putting in a bit of time.  It has been a while since I felt pretty or freshened up but I realised that I really need to put in more time thinking of myself.

As for my hair…. It has been 3 weeks and I still haven’t washed my hair with anything but water and it is looking great!  I even had comments from women at the baby shower that my hair looked lovely and I told them it was because I didn’t wash it anymore!  So far so good 🙂  I wish I had taken a before and after picture….. but I didn’t have time!

its time to bunker down, lose weight and save money

Over a year ago, when I was 5 months pregnant with our baby girl, my mum and stepdad offered us a way to save money for a house deposit.  My stepdad was going to build my mother a studio for her to do her art in and they asked if we would like to live in it to save for a deposit and then mum can use it for her studio afterwards.  We jumped at the opportunity as we had been renting for years and although we had kept our dream alive of owning a property one day we knew that it would be quite a while off as rent takes up so much of your savings.

this is the trench dug around the outside of the studio for a walkway

this is the trench dug around the outside of the studio for a walkway

not a bad place to live :)

not a bad place to live 🙂

So anyway that was January 2014 and my stepdad said it would probably be ready by August that year.  It is now February 2015 and although we are not in the studio yet, we have moved in to their house and are occupying the upstairs rooms while it is built.  We have left our gorgeous beachside living and are now in the valley near a river and mountains on acreage.  I am already struggling with the differences as I am very much a beach girl, but am staying positive at the savings we can make and that we are now able to afford some things that were difficult to save for while renting!  Hopefully the studio is only a couple of months off being finished as we have no privacy and all of our stuff is in storage – if it isn’t completed by winter then we will have to spend a day digging through the storage to the back where all of our clothes and blankets are!

Lennox and her Nanna

Lennox and her Nanna

Lennox (our little girl) is now 8 months and is loving the extra attention and love she gets from her Nanna and Pop Rocket.  She is so keen to start walking and is getting into all sorts of trouble around the house.  It is so great for her to have so much love and for my mum to see her everyday growing up.  We are so lucky to have this opportunity to save with no financial stress at all and hopefully one day own our own beachside property for her to continue growing up in.

there is a lot of wildlife out here - so many spiders! but also kangaroos and possums, moths, butterflies and snakes.

there is a lot of wildlife out here – so many spiders! but also kangaroos and possums, moths, butterflies and snakes.

While we are here, away from everything and everyone I am going to work on losing the baby weight I gained while pregnant. I put on so much weight! I was doing personal training on the coast but don’t want to drive an hour to go to it so I am doing my own program of walking/hiking around the yard and up and down the long steep driveway as well as weights and situps etc. I have lost a kilo since moving here two weeks ago so that is great 🙂 I am also doing the gardening and cleaning up of the yard to help out here. Mum and I are also putting in a vege patch. It is great fun to do and it also keeps me busy and active otherwise I do get a bit bored as I am not in my own house and don’t have any of my stuff around me.  I will keep a log on all of the progress with weight loss and yard clearing – there is so much to do!!

garden cleared of weeds and vines, ready for our vege patch!

garden cleared of weeds and vines, ready for our vege patch!

my mum spreading the manure around the vege patch.

my mum spreading the manure around the vege patch.

And now I must go and get packing for a night of privacy, tomorrow is our wedding anniversary – 1 year of being married and we are going to go spend a night in a mountain lodge! So excited! ahaha  We have come so far since we met in 2012 – life has changed so much for us and we feel like the universe is totally supporting us and helping us on our way to achieving our dreams!  WOOOOHOOOOOOO

sunset over the valley.

sunset over the valley.

renovating fun!

When we were preparing the nursery for our baby’s arrival we purchased a cheap set of drawers with the view to renovate them.  I had high hopes that it was going to be me doing all the painting and decorating but the bigger I got the more difficult everything was and my talented husband ended up doing a much better job than I would have anyway!  Here is a picture of the drawers when I got them with all the scratches on top and made of horrible black laminate. 

crappy drawers with scratches


We started by sanding it slightly to roughen the laminate and using a brush to put on the primer/semi-gloss white to give it some texture to grip with the laminate.  The primer paint is a great product as it saves you money by not having to purchase two products to complete the project.  It is also has great coverage as you can see from the pic of the first coat.  After the first coat we used a sponge roller for 3 coats (see pic below)

ready for the design to be painted over it

Next we wanted to paint a Totoro design on the drawers.  This is where I had hoped I could do some painting but I was almost due at this stage and so let my husband who is an artist and comic book illustrator to do his stuff. He did a much better job of it than I could ever have!!

Totoro and friends

friends of Totoro

We are so happy with the way it all turned out.  It was a really fun project to do, next we are renovating an old school desk for my niece’s birthday. More to come!!! 🙂