things are looking up ūüĆě

My last couple of posts have been a bit negative nancy so I thought I should focus on and write about the great things that have happened lately.¬† Firstly, my husband and I have made a deadline for when we get outta here (my mum’s).¬† Its in 3 months – end of May-¬† as long as all goes well with getting a loan and finding the right place.¬† We decided that a deadline is what we needed to keep ourselves sane enough to continue being here and it allow us to plan and knuckle down to save enough for our new place.¬† Our relationship has definitely benefited from this and we are doing well.

Secondly, I sold a dreamcatcher I made on etsy!! It is my first sale and I am so excited and motivated by this.¬† It has spurred me on to make more pretties and work harder at getting new things into my shop more often.¬† Today I went and bought a few more hoops to make more dreamers as I didn’t have any to make new ones.¬† Here is a pic of my packaged and ready to send dreamcatcher.

first sale

I added a handful of little crystals and a shell and silver mermaid to the package for something a little extra to say thankyou to the buyer.  I really hope she loves it, I put so much love into these and it is always scary to put yourself out there and be open to judgement.

Thirdly, and very excitingly, we traded in Brett’s mazda and bought a new(ish) car!!! It’s a 2012 Toyota RAV4 and it is in immaculate condition and very very low kms for its age and has 3 year warranty as well as lots of other little perks.¬† We are so happy about it and it is going to be perfect for all of the driving that we do and for going to the snow.¬† I am totally in love with it and so is Brett.¬† It also has enough room for another bub if we are lucky enough to be blessed again.¬† We decided to do this as the mazda was needing quite a bit of work and was getting quite old and had done over 300000kms. It kind of ends up cheaper for us just to buy this and spend only $80 a week on the repayments rather than spend thousands trying to fix up the mazda.¬† Anyway, here it is…..

new car

thanks for reading…. I will probably be posting pics of all our little trips in this baby from now on! hahahah ‚úĆ


its time to bunker down, lose weight and save money

Over a year ago, when I was 5 months pregnant with our baby girl, my mum and stepdad offered us a way to save money for a house deposit.  My stepdad was going to build my mother a studio for her to do her art in and they asked if we would like to live in it to save for a deposit and then mum can use it for her studio afterwards.  We jumped at the opportunity as we had been renting for years and although we had kept our dream alive of owning a property one day we knew that it would be quite a while off as rent takes up so much of your savings.

this is the trench dug around the outside of the studio for a walkway

this is the trench dug around the outside of the studio for a walkway

not a bad place to live :)

not a bad place to live ūüôā

So anyway that was January 2014 and my stepdad said it would probably be ready by August that year. ¬†It is now February 2015 and although we are not in the studio yet, we have moved in to their house and are occupying the upstairs rooms while it is built. ¬†We have left our gorgeous beachside living and are now in the valley near a river and mountains on acreage. ¬†I am already struggling with the differences as I am very much a beach girl, but am staying positive at the savings we can make and that we are now able to afford some things that were difficult to save for while renting! ¬†Hopefully the studio is only a couple of months off being finished as we have no privacy and all of our stuff is in storage – if it isn’t completed by winter then we will have to spend a day digging through the storage to the back where all of our clothes and blankets are!

Lennox and her Nanna

Lennox and her Nanna

Lennox (our little girl) is now 8 months and is loving the extra attention and love she gets from her Nanna and Pop Rocket.  She is so keen to start walking and is getting into all sorts of trouble around the house.  It is so great for her to have so much love and for my mum to see her everyday growing up.  We are so lucky to have this opportunity to save with no financial stress at all and hopefully one day own our own beachside property for her to continue growing up in.

there is a lot of wildlife out here - so many spiders! but also kangaroos and possums, moths, butterflies and snakes.

there is a lot of wildlife out here – so many spiders! but also kangaroos and possums, moths, butterflies and snakes.

While we are here, away from everything and everyone I am going to work on losing the baby weight I gained while pregnant. I put on so much weight! I was doing personal training on the coast but don’t want to drive an hour to go to it so I am doing my own program of walking/hiking around the yard and up and down the long steep driveway as well as weights and situps etc. I have lost a kilo since moving here two weeks ago so that is great ūüôā I am also doing the gardening and cleaning up of the yard to help out here. Mum and I are also putting in a vege patch. It is great fun to do and it also keeps me busy and active otherwise I do get a bit bored as I am not in my own house and don’t have any of my stuff around me. ¬†I will keep a log on all of the progress with weight loss and yard clearing – there is so much to do!!

garden cleared of weeds and vines, ready for our vege patch!

garden cleared of weeds and vines, ready for our vege patch!

my mum spreading the manure around the vege patch.

my mum spreading the manure around the vege patch.

And now I must go and get packing for a night of privacy, tomorrow is our wedding anniversary Р1 year of being married and we are going to go spend a night in a mountain lodge! So excited! ahaha  We have come so far since we met in 2012 Рlife has changed so much for us and we feel like the universe is totally supporting us and helping us on our way to achieving our dreams!  WOOOOHOOOOOOO

sunset over the valley.

sunset over the valley.

how to have a kick-arse wedding under $3000


Don’t want to spend a lot of money on a wedding but still want to have it all?¬†¬†I’ll tell ya how I did it!! ¬†I am still on a high after having the most perfect day and you can have that too.

I was 6 and a half months pregnant when we got married so I really didn’t want to be stressing about everything being perfect and because of this, everything turned out more perfect than I could have organised. Keep a lot of things simple and then get fancy with a few things that mean the most to you and RELAX AND ENJOY: don’t be a bridezilla!

We wanted to invite about 70 guests and our priority was to create a loving and warm atmosphere for ourselves and our guests.  We managed to do all of this and have our dream wedding and reception for a total cost well under $3000.  Below are some tips to help you have the wedding that you want without putting yourselves in debt.

Celebrant . Find one that has a price that is inclusive of as many meetings and paperwork as necessary.  A lot of celebrants charge a base rate and then charge extra for paperwork, filing of documents, any more than one meeting etc.  Avoid those if you can.

Invitations.  Personalised and D.I.Y invitations are very popular and all you to create the atmosphere for your wedding from the get go.  We used photoshop to create our own (see cropped picture below).  We chose a photo from a day together we loved and then used a font we liked to type the details over the top and had it printed.  We got a lot of compliments for our invitations which surprised me!


Rings.  We were lucky and found a jeweller having a 40% off sale! wooohoooo!!  I definitely recommend not rushing into buying the first ring that you really like, it pays to shop around and take your time with this purchase and absolutely jump on any big sales!!

Reception.   Your reception is one of the biggest expenses for your day.  Backyard receptions are on totally on trend and allow you to really personalise your day for all of your guests.  Choose a colour theme you like and keep it simple to enhance your surroundings.  Nothing is better for a ceiling than the sky at sunset and stars at night for your reception although it is good to have a wet weather plan.  Your decorations can be made or sourced by you leading up to the day (e.g jars as tealight candle holders, old food tins as vases, fairy lights for extra ambient lighting)

Keepsakes.  Make your keepsakes personal for your guests to take home and remember the day.  Your gifts can be doubled as the placenames.  I have seen little pots of tealeaves with names of the guests on them and small mirrors or soaps with guests names carved in.


Bridal party.  Bridesmaids and groomsmen can buy their own clothes for your day however for the Bride and Groom this can be a huge expense. Shopping online can save a lot however this expense totally depends on the people involved.  I was happy with a beautiful dress I scored second-hand but that is not for everyone.  If you can resell your dress after the big day then you can make some money back.

Flowers.   Purchase these at a lesser cost from the local markets rather than the florist Рput the bouquets and button hole flowers together yourselves and saved so much!!

Photographer. ¬†Enlist a friend/family member (or two) who is into photography….. many people would think this is risky but after attending heaps of weddings and seeing the photos that “professional photographers” come out with I am positive you will get a great result (we did) as long as they take a lot (and i mean a lot) of photos. You never use all of the photos that you get done and with everyone having smartphones etc you end up with hundreds of gorgeous photos.

Food.  If you are really thrifty you can (and enlist help to) make the food for your guests and save thousands.   You have so many options of how you would like to cater your wedding from a tea party style reception to cocktail party with finger food and you will save a bunch of money.  A great idea I have seen is to have a mexican style theme for your food and have a build your own tacos/nachos bar, everyone loves mexican, its filling and not too expensive to put together.

Alcohol and other drinks –¬†keep an eye on cleanskin and internet based wine sales – you save a tonne of money and can get very high priced wines for a very reasonable amount. ¬†Beer and softdrinks can be bought on sale from supermarkets and liquor warehouses for very reasonable prices.

Music.  This is easy to sort out.  Load  your iphone with two playlists; one for the dinner and one for the dancing!!  You can even time it all perfectly as your program for creating these will tell you exactly how long your playlist will be.


All of your guests will have an amazing day and will love the relaxed  and personal but well organised feel of the day, Most importantly the bride and groom should sit back and relax and totally enjoy the wedding and reception without dramas or money worries Рthe day is about you remember!!

Make your own¬†dreams come true¬†and ya don’t even have to break the bank!! ¬†What we spent on our wedding we made back with our gifts (we had a wishing well) and that meant that we got to have the honeymoon of our dreams!!


I was never a big believer in weddings until I had one and now realise it is one of the most awesome things to experience and I highly recommend it!




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