H O M E and H E A L T H

In my last post I mentioned our plan for buying a place of our own in May to save our sanity.  I chose to wait three more months instead of buying right away as we needed the extra savings to have 10% house deposit and so we could also have a great savings history and sort out some other things like desexing our dog.  We have been looking at different units and townhouses in the areas we like so we are more educated in what a good price is as well as what we want for our first place and what we are willing to compromise on.

At the start of this month I viewed a unit(condo) in Mermaid Beach that I could really see us being happy in, so we ended up making an appointment with the broker earlier than planned.  Since then, we have been in regular contact with the broker and the real estate agent as there have been several issues and setbacks towards getting pre-approval for a home loan.  Luckily the unit(condo) is still available but we might miss it as we are waiting for paperwork to come through for us.  Even if we miss this unit, I trust that the right one will show up for us, I am just really glad that we have begun this process as it takes way longer than I thought it would!  So if anyone out there is in the same stage and hasn’t talked to a broker about pre-approval yet and all the documentation you need, then I would get on to it!! We had talked to a broker earlier on but more as an enquiry into what deposits we would need and what our price range would be but apparently some bank criteria has changed and loans are harder to come by at the moment.  So many people that I have talked to have said that it seems so hard to get through the pre-approval process.

I have been keeping up with our 52 week savings game so we have cash for Xmas and also saving $100 a week for our snow trip in August as well as saving for our house.  I do have to go out today and buy our little girl some warm onsies for winter this year.  She is rapidly outgrowing all her clothes, so I have to get a few onesies, tights and singlets.  She kicks off all blankets so I don’t bother with them anymore so I have to make sure she is warm enough without them while she sleeps.  The onesies are also great under her snowsuit.  Our new car is still awesome too, and I am looking forward to driving down south to the snow in it!

In other news, I have been suffering from daily migraines for months, and it seemed to be getting worse.  I had an intuitive thought recently that giving up dairy may help and looking into it, dairy is a food that causes inflammation and all sorts of issues for a lot of people let alone the problems it causes the cows 😩….I do prefer a vegan life and I have always felt great when vegan – I had taken to drinking a lot of cows milk when pregnant and had kept this up during breastfeeding as I would crave it.  Anyway, I thought it was worth a try so gave it a go.  I seemed to go through a full on dairy detox and I had stomach problems and bad headaches for the first 6 days but am now feeling the best I have in a very very long time and I lost 1.5kilograms in that week!

My husband is also doing well without gluten in his diet and has had more energy and lost weight because of the change.  I also like gluten free eating although I am not as strict on this for me and our baby.  I definitely notice the difference but geez gluten free and vegan products really empty the wallet!  Although I have found that if you stick to mostly to wholefoods then it isn’t so expensive.  Hopefully when we are finally in our own kitchen I can try making some gf breads too!

I am so looking forward to having our own space again.  I belong at the beach and living away from parents!  Yesterday Lennox and I had the day to ourselves at home.  It has been ages since we got to do that and I had forgotten how important that time is to me and for her.  I loved it.  It will be so awesome to be back at our beach every day and spending time together.

I hope you all have a safe holiday season 🌞





1 month of sugar and wheat free life…..an update.

It has been almost a month since I gave up wheat and sugar and I have to say it was so much easier than I thought it was going to be! I don’t miss either ingredient at all and my tummy problems have disappeared.  I also have lost 2 kilograms this month.  My husband is also raving about the change and how much better he feels.  I had never thought that this change would have such amazing results, I was just hoping that this might be the solution to my health problems and I have to say I feel awesome.

I am also surprised at how tasty the gluten free products are.  I find that they taste better than wheat products, and I have found some awesome sugar free dark chocolate too mmmmmm.  In general this change in diet has made me rethink my meal recipes and I inject so much more veges and vege proteins into each meal which has resulted in tastier and more nutritious meals for us at home.  I haven’t missed the donuts I loved during my pregnancy and I find that because I feel so great without wheat and sugar I find it easy to say no when something I would have loved (but is so full of these ingredients) is offered to me – its just not worth the tummy pain and headaches.

Anyway, I was keen to share my progress with you all as this has changed my life! 🙂

beet leaf chips are tastier than kale chips but not as trendy.

The other day I went to the market and stocked up on my veges.  I bought the most beautiful beet and was thinking of ways to use the leaves when I thought….’why can’t I bake them like kale to make chips?’.  So I did and they were yummier than the kale chips I made and held together better also.  When walking through the local supermarket I saw a small packet of kale chips cost almost $8.00!! how is this possible?! Do they use a special type of golden kale? Since kale is a very reasonably priced vegetable (about $2.00 a bunch), how do they justify this?  Aaanyway, it is a very ‘on trend’ vege right now so maybe they are charging for its celebrity status…..hmmm.  I have gone on a bit of a tangent, but yes – as my title says, I liked the beet leaf chips much better and when buying whole (which is also cheap) its like you are getting two veges for the price of one.  It may not have the same hipster following but it is total value for money.  You should try it!

Has anyone else got some good vege ideas to share with me? 🙂


so……I made a human!

I have not been able to blog at all for the past couple of months….i was busy making a baby human and that took a lot of effort. My baby human is a little girl and her name is Lennox.  She was born 6 weeks ago today.  She is superduper crazy awesome and she smells like rainbows and sunshine.

In the last couple of weeks I have been feeling more myself again and less of an emotional and tired boob feeding machine.  I have been able to get out and about and hang out with friends, go swimming at the beach and go for walks and it feels amazing!  I don’t know what I thought I might turn into once I was a mother but I mustn’t have thought that I would actually feel like the same person but bursting with love for my perfect little human and accessory of extreme cuteness.  For some reason I thought I would go from wearing band shirts and crazy sneakers to wearing floral maxi skirts and blouses or something….. strange I know.  Things are obviously very different in life but to me they are just more awesome.  When I got out of hospital the sky was more blue, the ocean air more warm and salty and the sun felt more magical on my skin than I remember.  I felt like I had come out of the rabbit hole and life was now enhanced with intense love, beauty and colour.  I cry at how amazing this little human is and how lucky I am that she chose me as her mum.

Lennox and I

Happy Lennox



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