sunday driving

We went for a drive into the hinterland and down south today.  We used to do these drives all the time when we lived with Mum but we haven’t since we moved to our own place.  This was partly because funds have been a little bit tighter but also because we don’t have the intense desire to get out of here like we did at Mum’s hahahah.  We just love where we live so much! 

Just over the border into New South Wales

I am itching to travel and our winter snow holiday is 6 months away so I thought we could all do with a mini adventure day drive to some of our favourite places.  It will give us that taste of travel without spending much money and it is something we can all do (pup included) without too much preparation or organisation.  I love feeling like a tourist in our area.  It makes you see the place so differently and helps you enjoy it so much more.  I also love seeing it through Lennox’s eyes.  She loves going on adventures and so does out dog Kaida. 

Kaida loves to travel too!


The only thing is I want the house clean for when I get back!  I hate walking away from a filthy house to have a great day only to have to come back to it all at the end of the day.  It is just something I have to do.  So before I go today I am doing the dishes, will sweep the floor and hang out the washing so when I come home it is all fresh and ready to make dinner and cosy up at home in fresh sheets ready for our start to the week. It doesn’t take long to do but it feels so good to come home to! 

Knox Park, Murwillumbah

It is so important to have good places for breaks on road trips – no matter how long the drive is.  As a mum I have found this so much more important than I did before having a child.  There are so many reasons a good place to break is important but one that has a play area, toilet and shade/shelter is a must. Even if the play area is just a creek, fountain or garden with some grass is fine, as long as it is off the road a bit so you don’t have to worry that your lil one will run off into cars. 

a monument to the original lumberjacks of the area.

When going on longer road trips it is so awesome to have good places to stop and recharge or have somewhere comfortable and pretty to make and eat food and for our little girl to run off some of the energy that gets built up by sitting in the car for hours.   Today we stopped in Knox Park Murwillumbah NSW.  We have never stopped there before but we will definitely stop there again as it was huge and the gardens were beautiful, it had a huge shaded playground as well as heaps of green space and also this cool lily pond with a duck and ibis island!  We had a great little picinic under a tree near the lake – even though there are tables and chairs I like sitting on a blanket under a tree.  

lily from the pond

We drove down through to Pottsville, we were planning on going further on but then saw this spot at the creek and had to stop.  We spent all afternoon here, it was magic.  We so needed a day like this and it didn’t cost us anything but $20 petrol.  I took food and water and we just had fun! 

Pottsville, New South Wales

a massive friend we met today in the creek. glad we just met the one!


new year starts with a declutter

Further to my last post about my main goals for the year, I have a goal to declutter intensively this year – to a near minimalistic degree. I just want to live fully and simply and I know I dont need stuff to do that.  In fact I generally feel better and fresher and lighter with less stuff. 

The New Year started with 7 bags of mostly clothes, fabric, and lots of books going to charity and I have started again and have two more bags full.  I would love to throw more out but it really takes time to go through things with a toddler destroying your hard work! But bit by bit I keep pruning back our stuff.  It feels so good!! 

I like the idea that cleaning out disused things makes way for other good things to come into your life and I am all about that! Do you believe in that too? Who else feels amazing when throwing out stuff? Or am I just weird like that? hahaha ☮️


I am someone who loves a new year, I love starting things fresh and in life things can get so filthy, murky and confusing that you can’t tell which way is up, so the new year is like a swim in crystal clear lagoon for me. I always feel optimistic and ambitious and pumped to start this fresh sparkly new year with my best foot forward. 

This year is really no different however I have experienced a few firsts this new years so my new year feels a little more fresh.  This was our first new year in our own little home and we have such great plans for this year and our home.  We would like to build a patio cover off the back, do some more painting and maybe even get the front fenced! I would also like to upgrade the aircon as the one we have is ancient!! 

For me personally it is a first (in about 20years) for me to join a gym. Yep I know, so many people have ‘get fit’ as their new years resolution but I actually joined last year but the new program starts this year and I am super keen to be a part of it.  A huge goal of mine is to fit in the clothes that I used to wear before I became pregnant.  I thought after doing some personal training and fitness programs, that I had an ok level of fitness but I am so much more unfit than I thought! It takes me about 5 days to get over an intense workout!! The first day after I can barely move hahahah but it is definitely working and I love the time I get to myself. 😁

Another main goal is to get ahead more financially but also save for our holidays and as rainy day insurance. I hope to work on my business ideas more and quit one of my jobs.  I have a mid-term goal to live overseas with the family for about a year or more – in about 4 or 5 years, so I would like to get working on an income stream that can be taken anywhere.  

So these are my main goals for the year, lets see how I go hey! Do you have any goals for the year? ☮️

reset day

Does anyone else need a life reset button?  Today I am resetting my life.  3.5 weeks ago I lost my Godson during his birth. My cousin, who is my best friend and like a little sister to me lost her little boy. His name is Hinrik. Her pregnancy and labour up until his heart stopped was healthy and ‘normal’ as far as the testing shows (we await placenta test results) and we thought it was just a matter of minutes or hours till we get to see his gorgeous face and she got to look into his beautiful eyes however that wasnt the case. He passed during delivery and he was stillborn. This event was devastating and I cannot believe what a nightmare this is. 

i gotta get my sh*t together! 

for the last little while….(or for quite possibly my whole life) I have felt like I have no idea who I am or where I am going and what I am doing. I think the same repetitive thoughts about myself and my life but get no where.  I repeat the same mistakes over and over again but I also know all the right ways to get on top of things and turn my life around.  So I do those things and feel like my life is totally heading in the right direction and that I am ‘winning’ and then somehow I fall off and I am back in the hating on myself train.  This is wearing me out and I want to be more on the positive train rather than the hate one.   If anyone has some tips or a similar story to share I would love to hear it. 

So for now I am starting back on the positive line and I am determined to stay on that train for as long as humanly and hormonally possible. 🖖🏻


WOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!! WE BOUGHT OUR FIRST HOUSE!! I still can’t actually believe it, I seems to good to be true but it is true and I am living the dream.   I still don’t have the internet connected at home (connected this friday) but I am visiting at my mums and scabbing the internet off of them so I can do some work and while I am here I thought I would give you all a quick update as to why I have been so absent from wordpressland 🙂

I will write some more and fill you all in once our internet is on and I have more time to write.  I really need to do some work so I can get paid and pay my home loan! ahahah xxx

H O M E and H E A L T H

In my last post I mentioned our plan for buying a place of our own in May to save our sanity.  I chose to wait three more months instead of buying right away as we needed the extra savings to have 10% house deposit and so we could also have a great savings history and sort out some other things like desexing our dog.  We have been looking at different units and townhouses in the areas we like so we are more educated in what a good price is as well as what we want for our first place and what we are willing to compromise on.

At the start of this month I viewed a unit(condo) in Mermaid Beach that I could really see us being happy in, so we ended up making an appointment with the broker earlier than planned.  Since then, we have been in regular contact with the broker and the real estate agent as there have been several issues and setbacks towards getting pre-approval for a home loan.  Luckily the unit(condo) is still available but we might miss it as we are waiting for paperwork to come through for us.  Even if we miss this unit, I trust that the right one will show up for us, I am just really glad that we have begun this process as it takes way longer than I thought it would!  So if anyone out there is in the same stage and hasn’t talked to a broker about pre-approval yet and all the documentation you need, then I would get on to it!! We had talked to a broker earlier on but more as an enquiry into what deposits we would need and what our price range would be but apparently some bank criteria has changed and loans are harder to come by at the moment.  So many people that I have talked to have said that it seems so hard to get through the pre-approval process.

I have been keeping up with our 52 week savings game so we have cash for Xmas and also saving $100 a week for our snow trip in August as well as saving for our house.  I do have to go out today and buy our little girl some warm onsies for winter this year.  She is rapidly outgrowing all her clothes, so I have to get a few onesies, tights and singlets.  She kicks off all blankets so I don’t bother with them anymore so I have to make sure she is warm enough without them while she sleeps.  The onesies are also great under her snowsuit.  Our new car is still awesome too, and I am looking forward to driving down south to the snow in it!

In other news, I have been suffering from daily migraines for months, and it seemed to be getting worse.  I had an intuitive thought recently that giving up dairy may help and looking into it, dairy is a food that causes inflammation and all sorts of issues for a lot of people let alone the problems it causes the cows 😩….I do prefer a vegan life and I have always felt great when vegan – I had taken to drinking a lot of cows milk when pregnant and had kept this up during breastfeeding as I would crave it.  Anyway, I thought it was worth a try so gave it a go.  I seemed to go through a full on dairy detox and I had stomach problems and bad headaches for the first 6 days but am now feeling the best I have in a very very long time and I lost 1.5kilograms in that week!

My husband is also doing well without gluten in his diet and has had more energy and lost weight because of the change.  I also like gluten free eating although I am not as strict on this for me and our baby.  I definitely notice the difference but geez gluten free and vegan products really empty the wallet!  Although I have found that if you stick to mostly to wholefoods then it isn’t so expensive.  Hopefully when we are finally in our own kitchen I can try making some gf breads too!

I am so looking forward to having our own space again.  I belong at the beach and living away from parents!  Yesterday Lennox and I had the day to ourselves at home.  It has been ages since we got to do that and I had forgotten how important that time is to me and for her.  I loved it.  It will be so awesome to be back at our beach every day and spending time together.

I hope you all have a safe holiday season 🌞